Earn with us

Do you have a large following you'd like to provide value to and help them grow their own social media outlets? Do you want to use our service purely to attract more leads and start creating an income source just from Jatch.co? Do you just want to share this to a few friends and make some nice money each month? We've got you covered :)


Once you sign-up under any plan, you'll be emailed with instructions on setting up your affiliate account :)

free e-book download

We want to make sure you can hit the ground running, and absolutely feel confident in your abilities to pursue clients, garner leads / prospects, and close deals! So right off the bat, we're giving you our completely custom e-book that has all the information you need to hit the ground running and create a passive income for yourself. Some people often charge hundreds of dollars for information like this- we don't. We believe that after reading this you'll feel confident in yourself and the knowledge we've provided to use our service, and start changing your life! We're cutting to the chase, and giving you Part 2, which shows everything you need to be successful with this! Please enjoy reading our 27 Page E-Book! Cheers!

Part 1 will be immediately available for you once you join the family! :)

Monthly commissions, for the life of the customer

As long as the client you referred sticks with us (we grow their accounts 24/7, around the clock, so they should!), you generate yourself a nice monthly commission, per person you refer.

Earnings Potential

Everything shown is on a monthly basis. Everyone you refer, you earn a monthly recurring commission on, for the life of the customer.

This graph doesn't even include your downline- which gives you a small commission from everyone that your referrals refer to the program! You earn an additional $4, 6, and 9 /month, per user for any referrals your referrals make! It's our little way of saying thank you, and stacks up quite nicely!

Media library at your fingertips

Don't know how you'd share our program? Don't have content creation skills? No problem! We've curated our very own content library that you can pull directly from, once you join as an affiliate! Banners, posts, videos, you name it- we got you covered.

This service helps you generate income

Many affiliates today are purely using our service simply to find, engage, and attract leads to our service- increasing their income, and sticking to the service we provide- completely hands free. Once you fill out that questionnaire, you'll be generating organic leads in no time.


How much can you earn?

Lets break the numbers down:

Basic Plan: $57 /month

Your commission: $25 /month (for the life of the customer)

Professional Plan: $97 /month

Your commission: $45 /month (for the life of the customer)

You refer 10 people to our Basic or Professional Plans: 

$250 / $450 month

You refer 100 people to our Basic or Professional Plans:

$2,500 /$4,500 month

You refer 1,000 people to our Basic or Professional Plans:

$25,000 / $45,000 month

These commissions don't even cover one time products that will also be sold on our site, where you will also earn a hefty (%80+) commission!

You do need to be using our service to be approved for the affiliate program (how could you speak well about us, yet not be familiar with the system?), however, you do not need to be on the most expensive plan to benefit from both commission plans.

Again, the numbers shown above ONLY correspond to your direct referrals. If you refer someone who in turn refers others, you get a small cut from that- our way of saying thank you for referring that user! :)

Our revenue split (%)

We love our affiliates

We do our best to provide our affiliates with the support and strategies they need to grow, scale, and increase their passive income, as well as grow their following. As seen from the chart above, a large majority of our revenue goes directly to our affiliates. We would not be where we are today with the amazing support and love that the Jatch.co team gives! 

Your affiliate portal

Taking no shortcuts, we've partnered with one of the most top-notch companies out there to provide a seamless and smooth affiliate back-end that helps you organize every single aspect needed to help you earn with us.

  • Dashboard to track clicks and leads
  • Tools to help optimize marketing efforts
  • In-depth reporting
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Asset library
  • Live feed of other affiliates and activity going on
  • Much more!

That being said, if you'd love to take the jump and become an affiliate for Jatch.co, we'd love to have you! Simply register below by clicking 'Become An Affiliate'. See you soon!

Payouts are sent out on the 25th of every month, for all the sales you've generated up to the 18th of that month! (one week grace period to avoid any fraudulent charges / other issues)

*You must be using our service to be accepted as an affiliate :)

Once you sign-up, under either plan, your confirmation email will include a link to apply as an affiliate :) See you there!