how it works

Our service is designed to be an extremely hassle-free Instagram growth strategy. In fact, it's so hassle-free that once you fill out our questionnaire, you're good to go! There is literally no effort needed on your end, and that's the beauty of it.

we get you leads

By interacting, engaging, and peaking the curiosity of potential leads through our system, we're able to generate leads daily for our customers who in turn are able to promote whatever business they're in (even ours!).


Automatic dm broadcasts

We already send automatic Direct Messages to new followers. But why leave your current ones in the dust? Our team curates, designs, and implements unique messages (or you can create your own) that are sent out to your current follows in an un-routine, organic method to build audience loyalty and engagement. Not only can you connect with NEW followers, but now you can create a connection with your CURRENT following base - something that shouldn't be taken lightly!

**One of the most important aspects in generating leads

Organic, genuine, followers

It's a known fact that fake, inactive "follower" accounts can be purchased for as little as $5. This is one of the main reasons we created Jatch- to help people grow through genuine growth. This service connects networks of people together- people they didn't even know existed before! By networking with these individuals, you're able to develop a connection and open up different avenues of revenue generation.

How do we do it?

By using the answers you provide through the questionnaire, we can pinpoint your target market (people interested in what you are sharing, selling, or providing). These are real, humans. These are real people, genuinely interested in what you have to provide; not just some dead accounts.

Targeted Hashtags

Our secret is in the custom questionnaire. When you sign up, we plug all the information into our systems. From that we can target customers, people, and users that want to see your content. No matter what industry you're in, there are plenty of people that are genuinely interested; the hard part is finding interested and engaging users that will like, comment, and engage with your content. Bonus: we do this for you, so you don't have to :)

Location Targeting

Are you a local business, professional, or just someone that wants to connect with people in the same area? Good. We geo-target custom audiences to give you access to people around you. Our automating messaging system is key to engaging with these users. Once you're in the system, our program will start a conversation with your newfound followers.

Auto-direct messaging

Every new follower received can now be engaged upon a more "personal" level than ever before, with no extra effort on your part. Shortly after your targeted user follows you, they'll receive a custom transcript from you, directly to their inbox. This is essential in establishing a personal connection to each of your followers! Not only will you get them to respond back, but they'll also be more inclined to engage with future content you post and more inclined to take a look at your business / offer.


**This is perhaps one of the most important aspects in generating leads

engaged users = more likes

When it comes to content creation on Instagram, it's a widely known fact that quality always trumps quantity.  Our service, Jatch, sources unique users to identify which ones will be more inclined to view their recently liked posts, ultimately bringing a new person to your page.

To sum up...

We use multiple avenues, based off of the information you provide us, to spur engagement on a more personal level and create a thriving community of users all interested in you and what you provide. Through geo-targeting, hashtag referencing, commenting niche specific comments that you provide (or us), following, unfollowing, liking, and automated messaging, we create growth for our amazing users that enables them to grow their social influence, increase their following, generate leads, and so much more. Join our amazing family of users who are loving our services now!



Is this service safe?

Absolutely! We work with thousands of clients on a daily basis and have never had a single issue. We operate well within the constraints of Instagram's API.

Are the followers real?

All followers are 100% real and genuine people. Jatch does not provide a specific, set amount of followers. We use our own growth strategies to give our clientele continual growth on a day by day, month by month basis.

Can I still use and operate my Instagram account with this service active?

Absolutely! The account is yours, Jatch just operates in the background, 24/7. You can use your account as you normally would :)

If I cancel will my followers disappear?

Not at all! These are real people that have followed you because they actively decided to. We just helped put your page in front of their face!

Yay! I ordered! Now what?

Our team will personally look over your questionnaire to get you into our systems within 48 hours usually. We will personally reach out to you if we need additional information.

How long before i see results?

You should see results within 2-3 days of being setup in our system, you will notice increased activity on your page in the form of likes, new followers, traffic and potentially new customers/leads. This will continue to have a snowball effect the longer you use our service. The longer you work with us the better the results will be! We recommend you remain a subscriber for a minimum of 6 months before you decide whether or not this service is right for you. This gives us optimal time to split-test interests in your niche or market so we can target the best audience possible.

do you do custom orders / packages?

At this time we currently do not offer special pricing for users with multiple accounts. If you manage, own, or operate more than 10 accounts, please contact us and we can work with you.